Thursday 29 October-Breakfast Meeting 7.00 am for 7.15 am start to 8.30am

Small Business Workshop

Engagement 101 – The True Cost of Doing Nothing

Alan Slater, Business Dynamics

Discussion will centre on:

The “GOLDEN CIRCLE” – why the “WHY” of your business is important in terms of engagement…

  • What IS “engagement”? AND what it’s NOT!!!
  • So how do we measure our starting point for engagement?
  • What is the REAL cost of doing nothing?
  • So is doing nothing a real or viable option for most businesses?
  • So what CAN we do – quick, easy and NOT expensive ways to start…
  • How do we measure progress?

Alan is an international speaker and consultant who, over the last 25 years, has led in excess of 2,000 Seminars for more than 25,000 participants in 15 countries.


As a trainer, consultant and CEO of Business Dynamics, Alan has been actively involved in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development for over twenty five years. He has successfully implemented radical new business strategies in some of the world’s more challenging environments. He has a unique sense of humour and style and truly believes that working and learning should be FUN!!!


One of Alan’s main concerns is that, as businesses operate in a market that is “difficult” (to say the least!), they know that they should do something about really engaging their team (however small that team is!) – but often the Leader doesn’t know WHAT to do and so does nothing. In a dinner / mini-workshop Alan will look at the “5 Leadership Imperatives” to a more engaged workforce.

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29th October-Breakfast October

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