Thursday 25 May, 2017 8.30 am to 5.00pm

The health of an organisation and the health of its workforce are inextricably linked. Both business and its employees can only prosper and be successful when both are healthy.

Build Emotional Resilience in the Workplace will help identify stressors, build resilience and provide each participant with a unique toolkit to manage and reduce stress - for life. We work to support each individual to bring about sustained integration of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic factors that are the determinants of building resilience and becoming more agile.
Resilience is a very personal resource and everyone has different levels of skill. Two people can experience the same situation, one will find it stressful and the other will not. This is why a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. During the Build Emotional Resilience in the Workplace course, participants will learn and experience many resilience techniques and strategies for 'bouncing back' and building mental and emotional toughness.

Build Emotional Resilience in the Workplace will support participants to build their own resilience toolkit from the methods that work best for them. There are over 30 tools and strategies covered within the workshop.

Each workshop begins with every participant assessing the current levels of stress in their business role using our proprietary Work-Related Stress Test™. At the end of the training, with tools and strategies in place and practiced, each participant is re-tested to check that the new learnings are locked into new mind-brain pathways to ensure that positive change is sustainable.

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will:
• Have developed an emotional resilience toolkit
• Learn how to remain calm in previously stressful situations
• Be able to identify stress triggers
• Differentiate between 'good' and 'bad' stress • Have tools to engage positive psychology
• Be happier and more productive in the workplace
• Build better relationships with work colleagues and loved ones
• Complete each day with greater energy and focus • Be more resilient to life's challenges

Who Should Attend the Workshop:
• Team leaders
• Managers
• HR staff and
• Employees who are interested in building their own Stress Management Toolkit.

We train individuals and teams with sustainable, self-care solutions, tools and strategies to empower resilience and calm, and increase productivity levels.


Our trainer has made the Healthline list of the Best Stress Relief Blogs of 2017!

Healthline editors carefully selected the most up-to-date, informative, and inspiring blogs that aim to uplift their readers through education and personal stories. We’re glad to have you on the list!

Restaurant and Function Room, Brisbane TAFE
Level 2, Block C, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD
Parking at Southbank Car Park, or Street Parking

Emotional Resilience in the Workplace
Course Fee Plus GST $**


25 May 2017


1 day Unit

Training conducted at Restaurant and Function Room, Brisbane TAFE
Level 2, Block C, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD


$495.00 Public* , $395.00 Member


More Information call 041 977 2926

NB: "Billing Details" are details of Trainee, "Shipping Details" are details for invoicing (if Different) * Public - includes membership to AOQ-QLD® and Auditor Register (Conditions apply)for 6 months. ** A charge of 2.5% applies for Credit Card payments. Please go through the registration process for EACH individual that is being registered. If you are registering someone else, please be sure to supply the participant's details when completing the registration details - not your own. You may register for more than one course at a time.


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Training is available in Brisbane for White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt.

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Professional Lean Six Sigma Certification Programme and Professional Register are also available. Please go to:
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