November isWorld Quality

2015 World Quality Week 9-15 November
2015 World Quality Day 12 November

Theme: Quality – Emotion – Inspiration

Conference 11th November, South Brisbane, Queensland

Restaurant and Function Room, Brisbane TAFE, Level 2, Block C, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD

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Draft Program

1.30 PM

Open and introduction of Official Opening Dignatory-Len Mahon Chairman AOQ-QLD


Keynote Stacey Barr, The Bad Habits That Make KPIs A Struggle


AOQ-QLD's Competency Framework-Public Comment, Len Mahon AOQ-QLD


Afternoon Tea


Quality in Integrity, Lindy Chen, China Direct Sourcing Services


Evolve or Thrive!, Roger Mychajlyk, Flowbiz Pty Ltd


Remembrance Day-The Neuroscience of Memories : Remembering the past to predict the future, Diane Harner, CleverMinds Consulting






Quality-Emotion, Inspiration in The Human Services Sector, Mairead Nothling


Panel: Ethical Auditing in -Human Services, Amanda Evans, Exemplar Global


Wrap Out and Close

Registrations Closed

Stacy Barr
the Performance Measure Specialist

To overcome our struggles with performance measurement, we need to stop what doesn’t work, and start doing what does. If we want performance measurement to be easier, faster, more engaging, more meaningful and to truly improve performance, we must change our approach. Changing our approach starts with replacing some bad KPI habits we often don’t realise we have. Discover three simple practices to start with, that will begin to replace these bad KPI habits, and relieve your most common struggles in measuring what matters.

Stacey is a globally recognised performance measurement specialist and author of Practical Performance Measurement.

She challenges many of the long-held beliefs and bad habits people have about how performance measures ought to be chosen, created and used for organisational performance management.

Most people have very similar struggles with performance measurement. They can’t find meaningful performance measures, especially for goals that seem immeasurable. They can’t get staff engaged in measuring and improving performance. They don’t have measures that drive lasting performance improvement. Stacey once struggled with these challenges also, and that was her inspiration for creating the performance measurement methodology known as PuMP.


Quality in Integrity
Lindy Chen, ChinaDirect Sourcing Services

In our line of business, quality is synonymous to integrity.  We have an unflagging commitment to transparency in all that we do for our clients. From the large corporations to the stay-at-home mums who engage our services, they all rely on our word and work to know that their investments are safe. We make sure that the importers we serve are getting the best products at the prices they want.

We consider our clients’ aspirations, ours as well. We give each of them their deserved attention and offer tailor-made solutions. Our clients trust us like they do a friend.

More than just doing business, our work brings greater understanding between two proud cultures. We derive our greatest satisfaction in helping Australian and Chinese businesses big and small, flourish and grow together in a relationship that is remarkable in its efficiency and collaborative spirit.


Lindy Chen is the founder and managing director of ChinaDirect Sourcing Services. She is the sole architect and prime visionary behind a business which she started operating from an internet cafe. ChinaDirect has since turned into a million dollar enterprise, that many now consider to be the most reliable import assistance firm in Australia.

Among her achievements in her professional and personal life are: being the author of “Import From China - How to Make a Million and Not Get Burnt,” and becoming a mother of a lovely girl.

Lindy also has a passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise whenever there are opportunities. She has served as one of the Queensland government’s small business mentors since 2011.

She has a rare combination of being an assiduous learner and a passionate leader. Her example and life’s work and experiences, motivate and inspire her employees to pursue similar or even greater achievements.

Evolve to Thrive
Roger Mychajlyk, Chairman, FlowBiz Pty Ltd

We are living in the middle of the third industrial age, right in the eye of the hurricane. The most dramatic period of change in human history and it will take substantial innovations and new global models in the go forward process. We live on a finite globe with a rapidly expanding population, major change is inevitable and old processes will be discarded.

Even though this era is commonly referred to as ‘digital disruption’ it in fact is the age of ‘digital opportunity’.

For example the current business and office operations, tried and true systems that have been built up over many years now have the opportunity to access major digital modernization, plus more functional expansion in line with new customer demands.

It is a time for real work less bureaucracy. We have to create work that is sustainable, to do more with less, more innovation. We are connected globally to foster creativity, now that is power if we can harness the potential. After an initial dip in performance as the new era beds itself in, the expectation will be for a significant lift in wealth, this will require a new method of wealth redistribution to improve the quality of life for all.


Roger has had an extensive career spanning across various industries in both the private and public sectors. He is a Mechanical Engineer and has held a variety of positions while building skills to eventually operate at the CEO and Director levels.

He began his career as a School Teacher, was in the Military then worked with Target and Myer in retail, Woods Williams Furniture, Radiant Stainless Steel and Kambrook in manufacturing and retail, Pivot Fertilizer in agriculture, Holymonds Afflick in stockfeed, aquafeed, flour mills and bakeries, Sunny Queen Eggs and then in Consulting.

Currently Chairman of FlowBiz in Business Process Management an Australian digital success story ranked in the top 20 globally by CIO Review magazine. He also does presentations for the Queensland Government on the impacts of Digital Disruption.

AOQ-QLD's Competency Framework-Public Comment
Len Mahon FAOQ

AOQ-QLD’s Competency Framework provides standard Quality Practitioner Competencies and a taxonomy of Proficiency Levels for the quality practitioner role across all industries. The Competency Framework is a foundational tool and fills a current gap in the understanding of the role of the Quality Practitioner in general industries. Using the two sections of the Framework enables the development of training programs, quality team structures, recruitment strategies and career development roadmaps for quality practitioners.





Len Mahon, Chairman, AOQ-QLD

Len has 25 years’ experience working successfully with large and small organisations from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Government and semi government agencies
  • Registered training organisations
  • Service industries
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Manufacturing


  • Master’s Degree In Quality Management (QUT 1995)
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (USQ)
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Registered Workplace Health and Safety Officer
  • Evaluator for the Gold Award for Business Excellence

Ethical Auditing in Human Services

Amanda Evans, Exemaplar Global

What to do in the event that your external systems auditor requests information and/or actions that you feel are of an ethical nature or when you are requested to undertake ethical audits in your organisation.

Ethical audits serve to evaluate the performance of an organisation's corporate responsibility with regards to social, cultural, environmental and economic issues. The audit process, in this instance, can be daunting for participants who are not adequately prepared or who do not have the applicable knowledge.  The purpose of this presentation is to provide strategies to help improve performance and overall audit outcomes. The presentation will also include an open discussion of ‘common audit questions’. This discussion is aimed to help gain a better understanding of both internal and external audit expectations around ethical issues.”

Amanda Evans

Amanda is dedicated and passionate about food safety and food compliance with over 20 years’ experience in the food industry.

Starting her professional life as a food inspector with NSW Health, Amanda has built upon this solid foundation to design, develop and implement food safety compliance initiatives to promote a safer food supply for consumers.

Amanda has been a certified Exemplar Global auditor for the past 15 years and now manages the Exemplar Global College.

Remembrance Day-The Neuroscience of Memories : Remembering the past to predict the future

Diane Harner, CleverMinds Consulting

Harner 2

Managing Director at CleverMinds Consulting

Diane is a published neuroscientist who has spent the last decade in the commercial sector and has held positions as a Salesperson, Applications specialist, Sales manager, Sales trainer, Recruitment adviser, Strategic account manager and Leadership coach. Diane has had a diverse experience in business at every level and is now taking her business acumen and combining it with her passion for neuroscience to apply what we know about the brain to sales and leadership.

Diane works in partnership with Kristen Hansen at EnHansen Performance to deliver programs in neuroleadership and brain based coaching to develop highly evolving leaders who can take business where it needs to go. Independently, Diane is developing programs focused on enhancing sales effectiveness and talent based recruitment using applied neuroscience to create high performance sales teams.

Diane is passionate about taking what we learn from neuroscience research and making these facts applicable at work and in our daily lives. Diane is driven to make these concepts easy to understand and immediately usable by everyone so we can understand ourselves and others better (including your partner and kids).


2014 Event-24 November, 2014

Theme: Quality is Back-Back to Quality


Andrew-Everything Old is New Again.pdf


Harris-Competency Framework Presentation.pdf

Images of the day

Van der WaltEvansVan der Walt

WQDay PanelVan der Walt


The strengths/beneficial aspects of the event were:
Great discussions and networking
Interesting and diverse perspectives
Great flow of speakers' topics and good amount of time
Variation in speakers and topics
Networking and Networking Opportunity
Breadth of speakers
Good organisation, well planned
Thoughts and ideas from the panel
Quality as career
Quality a cxx problem
New different approaches

What aspects of the event were most valuable to you and why?

Contact with quality professionals again
Experiential insights
Understanding comparative experiences
Greg young’s presentation – Quality in Healthcare
Discussions over dinner
Francois ‘s presentation
Erin  Evans – philosophy in complex situations
Meeting new people from other industries
The different experiences and different industries represented


Everything old is new again – going back to a Quality future in technical consulting organisations
Dr Martin Andrew, Asia-Pacific Group Quality Director, URS, AOQ National President

I define "technical services" to cover engineering design,construction management, environmental services and consulting.

My ideas are formed from working in URS for more than 18 years in consulting and now quality management roles, but also from my research and academic career prior to URS; and also from conversations with quality counterparts in other technical service organisations.

I think technical service organisations have two sets of distinctive characteristics

1 Those to do with the nature of the services provided ie, one-off assignments ('projects') that must be individually planned and execute;

2 Those to do with the nature of the technical staff employed-who tend to be focused on the technical aspects of projects and have less interest in the projects management and consulting aspects of the work. Their modus operandi tends to be "'fire, aim, ready'!

Wiliest companies provide tools across the project life cycle to enable staff to manage their [projects and clients well, the technical-focused mind-set frustrates the intent somewhat.

Yet high-level performance is fundamental to companies meeting their business goals. Hence the future depends on the quality basics!

I will explore the implications of these tensions for how to manage quality in technical service organisations.

Dr Martin Andrew is an environmental management expert (research, academia and consulting) who has worked across vegetation ecology, sustainable grazing systems, vegetation carbon sinks, R&D program management, regional NRM planning, environmental impact assessment, Program evaluation, and performance measurement of green buildings.

He is URS Certified Project Manager.

He moved into Quality Management some 6 years ago and is now URS IE Division's Asia-Pacific Group Quality Director, member of the global Performance Excellence Value Centre and lead Subject Matter Expert for URS’s global, annual on-line ‘Culture of Quality’ course series.

Martin played a key role in developing the global QMS program that URS recently deployed.

Martin is the current President of the Australian Organisation for Quality Inc. and was program convener for Qualcon 2014.


The Executive's View of a Quality Management System in 2014

Dr Erin Evans, QUT

Effective leadership makes all the difference in the quality of an organisation and the products and services it delivers. Quality improvement needs to be from the ground up and to be effective we want the people to be integrated in a culture of quality. The people on the front line also look to their leaders for the signals about what to pay attention to. The leader sets the tone that either facilitates or mitigates the organisations response to quality challenges.

In this presentation I will discuss the role of the leader bringing quality back into focus for the organization.

Drawing on my experience as well as applying guiding principles of quality we will discuss the impact of quality on organisations’ and how to ensure a successful outcome. Quality can help provide confidence, clarity and cohesion to an organisation. In increasingly complex working environments this can be used to great benefit for the staff, customers and suppliers of the organisation.


Dr Erin Evans began her career in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry and she was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year for her work in this area.

Her PhD was in novel drug design in a project between Agen Biomedical and UQ.

Erin lived for over 8 years in Europe, where she held senior and executive roles in multinational organisations in clinical project management and leading global quality assurance functions.

Since 2003, she consults in organisational design, strategy, change management and leadership development.  Her clients include IBM, ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Rabo Bank, the Dutch Government, UQP, international aid organisations, universities and defence industry organisations including DMO, Air Services, Boeing and BAE.

Erin has worked with QUT since 2010 specialising in Systems Thinking and Complexity approaches for a field called Complex Project Management.  She teaches in the MBA, Executive MBA, Executive Masters of Complex Project Management as well as corporate education programs in complex project management.

She is also an Associate Partner with the International Centre for Complex Project Management where she is developing a degree program in complexity management.  She sits on a number of Boards in Health and Educational organisations.

She is the author of a number of feature articles in Quasar on the implications of complexity and systems based management approaches to quality in organisations.

What happened to Statistical Process Control-A Resurrection?

Francois van der Walt

For Shewhart, Deming and even Six Sigma the Statistical Process Chart (SPC) is a key element.

Francois will present an overview of the various SPC techniques and show how this has been implemented in a data rich environment with modern terminology. It is now imbedded in various software and known as Predictive Analytics.

His talk will be interactive and audience participation in the various demonstrations will be encouraged. You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to walk the talk. Francois will also present what and how to measure and analyse in manufacturing and service industry. He will show specific implementations in Excel and other common software. Copies of the Excel worksheets will be available at the meeting.

Francois van der Walt has, over his career, impacted the strategies of International and National organisations, like Ernst &Young, Frosty Boy Pty Ltd and GJI Pty Ltd through the use of Analytics.

In the application of advanced analysis techniques, he has successfully created service lines and products that have, in turn, created income streams for various organisations.

He recently presented a course which included SPC for audit purposes. He believes that a pragmatic implementation of SPC can still provide a substantial impact on the manufacturing and service industry.

 Francois is a recognised authority on Performance Measurement and Business Intelligence Systems, Statistical Data Analysis and Reporting for Businesses.

He is a regular conference speaker with wide experience conducting facilitated sessions for groups. He brings a wealth of experience, gained on three different continents, to every assignment he conducts.

Apart from various consulting assignments, he also lectures in IT fundamentals at Christian Heritage College and is the Company Secretary of Trinity Marketing Professionals Pty Ltd.


Eminence Failure

Greg Young

"You just don't understand, your not from Healthcare"

A phrase that has destroyed captains of industry brought into healthcare with a "proven"methodology.

Careful analysis of the data, hundreds of hours of stakeholder meetings and a proven delivery team flown in from Toyota. The result; minimal improvement, a blown budget, burnt team, reputation in tatters and a press release going out by fax.

Greg will explore the link with poor risk management and an eminence culture in Healthcare

Currently holds the post of Chief Systems Innovation Officer within Metro North Hospital and Health Service.

Greg has worked for Metro North HHS since 2012. Metro North is the largest of the newly formed Queensland Hospital and Health Services. Greg has been tasked with introducing innovative solutions to a system under considerable change stress.  The CSIO portfolio has him challenging the healthcare industries mantras system wide. Many of these mantras inhibit the adoption of innovative ways of improving the health and wellbeing of the people we are charted with caring for and place a heavy administrative burden on those delivering the care. In this role he strives to empower the patients, carers and their clinical teams with easily obtained evidence to make decisions and then the most effective and efficient means of ensuring the chosen path is accurately followed

Greg received a bachelor's degree with honours in Science for QUT, specialising in molecular biology/microbiology. This scientific training has instilled a love of robustly discussing stated "facts", much to the distress of his long suffering wife. He worked in his vocation as a researcher at QIMR and The University of Queensland, transitioning across ten years to management and strategic project roles.  This exposed him to many of the key innovative minds of academia and industry.  Greg has a keen interest in the effective application of innovation, not just technology to reduce the burden of effort of delivering best practice.  He champions the use of interaction sensor to improve process assurance and simulation to drive evidence based system reform, seeing the latter as the most effective mean to determine how innovations can be adopted in a risk adverse environment.

Young Greg

AOQ_QLD's Competency Framework-Introduction

Mike Harris and Len Mahon FAOQ

AOQ-QLD’s Competency Framework provides standard Quality Practitioner Competencies and a taxonomy of Proficiency Levels for the quality practitioner role across all industries. The Competency Framework is a foundational tool and fills a current gap in the understanding of the role of the Quality Practitioner in general industries. Using the two sections of the Framework enables the development of training programs, quality team structures, recruitment strategies and career development roadmaps for quality practitioners.

Panel Discussion - A Career in Quality

Facilitator: Charles Clowes

A Q&A with 5 Quality Professionals and a Moderator.

5 professionals across 5 Industry Sectors will sit on the panel.

  • A nomad who had worked across Various Industry Sectors
  • Engineering and Construction Sector
  • Services Sector
  • Human Services Sector
  • Energy Sector

How will I benefit?

  • Guidance on planning a quality career
  • The challenges of being a quality professional
  • How to start to change the perception of quality
  • Thoughts on modernising the profession
  • Our new Competency Framework.

You have the opportunity to ask questions.


Charles Clowes, President AOQ-QLD

The key to business excellence is to recognize that normally you knew the solution before the problems occurred. 97% of what happens in the business is predictable and can be managed through planning and risk management. The business needs to constantly ask itself and employees how things are working and why.
Over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing, engineering, mining/construction industries and event management.

I have held a number of senior managerial roles responsible for manufacturing, quality and safety. I am firm believer that productivity and process improvements can only be achieved with a whole of business approach procedures. I have developed and maintained certified quality systems for different business environments, used a cross functional team approach to implement customer feedback loops to the implement business process improvement.

Operational and mentoring positions held in the following companies.

Jonker Group, Poolrite, Volgren Bus Manufacturing, Australian Hardboards Ltd. Volvo/Mack Trucks. Austral Bricks, Eyelighting/Spectra, Riverfestival, Ausco, PR-Polymers, Bondor & Architectural Operations, Ausco Building Systems. James Hardie Building, AMCOR Packaging, MIM.



Mike Harris, Manager, Operational Quality Capability, Airbus Group Australia Pacific

Mike has been directly involved in quality since 1993 in the Navy where he gained the first certification of a Navy base (to ISO 9003).

Since then he has worked in a vast array of sectors in many countries covering software and hardware development, all types of engineering (including environmental, civil, mining, water etc) and defence aerospace.

Mike has also volunteered with not-for-profit organisations in the community housing sector to assist with quality management.

Mike’s experience extends to developing, implementing and maintaining management and business systems addressing quality, safety and environmental requirements in global companies.

Mike also has worked directly for clients like BHP Billiton.  Mike’s understanding of software development and project management enables him to develop sophisticated systems to meet customer and company needs.

Mike is currently the Operational Quality Manager for Airbus Group Australia Pacific overseeing the quality services for the civil helicopter and defence fixed wing and helicopter business units.

Martin Andrew

I fit the nomad category.

I have come to Quality Management after careers in grazing systems research, senior management, academe, consulting in a diversity of assignments (R&D Program coordination; greenhouse carbon sinks; NRM regional planning; Program evaluation; EIS investigations; green buildings performance tracking); workshop facilitation; and now Quality Management.

Martin played a key role in developing the global QMS program that URS recently deployed.

Martin is the current President of the Australian Organisation for Quality Inc. and was program convener for Qualcon 2014.




Julie Lee, BPsych, BAdVocEd, GradCertHF&SMS, Dip Project Management

Julie brings over 16 years experience in facilitating business improvement and strategic change initiatives as a business analyst and project manager. The majority of her experience has spanned Queensland-based energy distribution businesses as well as the energy and resource sector.

She describes her work career as ‘living in project land’ and has developed a diverse ‘tool kit’ borrowed from many disciplines including change management, quality management, business process management and even psychology!

Over the years Julie has learned that adapting to new projects and new situations requires a great deal of flexibility, creativity and the ability to constantly reinvent yourself through formal study and through lessons learned on the job.

Julie is currently working as a contract Business Process Lead on a large change project at Ergon Energy.



Mairead Nothling, Quality Improvement Manager, Mercy Community Services

Mairead has been involved in quality systems and business improvement for many years and in various not-for profit organisations: general practice, aged care, child protection and disabilities.

Her interest in quality and systems began when, as a practice manager of a large general practice, client information systems and accreditation became a focus. Her passion in the area continued at RSL Care and Spiritus, where the focus was on developing and implementation policy and procedures across the organisation to ensure compliance with the Aged Care Standards. While working at Spiritus, her expertise was sort in developing systems to support the Child Licensing Requirements, which at the time were compliance driven and set in legislation.

When the Dept of Communities were developing the HSQF standards, Mairead was involved in the many consultation workshops. This was a rewarding period as many relationships in the community sector were established, both within government and NFP.

In her current position at Mercy Community Services, she has management of the quality improvement team, who are responsible for quality systems development, review and implementation across the 4 service streams, Aged Care, Disability Services, Employment and Training Services and Family Services.

Gary Warfield FAOQ

Gary has 35 years experience related to Quality in the engineering industry ranging from a medium sized provincial manufacturer / fabricator, through a large D&C company, to large international EPCM organisations.

Along with corporate and manufacturing related quality, project quality has been a central theme from the Cairns International Airport terminal building in 1982 to current mining related projects.

The roles held on such projects have involved close co-operation with engineering, procurement & contracts, expediting, construction, and commissioning functions and have been conducted with a commitment to safety.

Gary has also taken an active role promoting quality in professional / industry organisations, having held positions from Panel Chairman (IEAUST) to National Director (AOQ).
Key achievements

  • Implementing & managing project QA systems with successful handover to construction / commissioning.
  • Implementing & maintaining company quality management systems to ISO 9001 certification.
  • Implementing & managing a company OH&S system achieving a significant reduction in incidents.


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