Membership of the Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc is open to any individual or organisation.

You can access AOQ-QLD services at reduced prices including training, conferences, workshops, technical meetings and consulting services.  Network with other people passionate about quality and business excellence.  Positively influence your career, your organisation and your life with an AOQ-QLD membership.




Personal (MAOQ)

Advanced (AAOQ) Conditions Apply

Fellow (FAOQ) Conditions Apply

Up to 100 employees

100+ employees

$99 inc GST p/a

+ $33 inc GST p/a

+ $66 inc GST p/a

$165 inc GST p/a

$363 inc GST p/a

  *You must join as a Personal Member before applying for Advanced or Fellow Membership.       *Extra fee on top of personal membership removed if approved AOQ-QLD assistance provided    

Qualification Points


120 points

200 points


Renewal -100 points per year


Evidence must be provided for all claims for points (e.g. Attendance Certificate, Registration Flyer, etc).

Relevant educational activities and memberships includes any activity which fulfills the mission of AOQ-QLD “to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of Australian businesses.”

Points will be allocated according to the following table;


Training and Education
Educational Activities 1 point per hour attended
  5 points per hour presented.
In-house training 1 point per hour attended
Undergraduate Qualification 40 points for Certificate IV*
  50 points for Diploma*
  60 points for Bachelors Degree*
  70 points for Honours Degree*
Postgraduate Study 10 points/module
Postgraduate Qualification 40 points for Graduate Certificate*
  50 points for Graduate Diploma*
  80 points for Masters Degree*
  100 points for PhD*
  5 points per hour presented
* Quality and management related courses. Only points for the highest qualification will be counted.
Membership of Associations
Membership of AOQ 5 points/year
Professional Member of AOQ 10 points/year
Membership of other relevant Associations 3 points/year
Professional Membership of other relevant Associations 6 points/year
President/Chairman/President-Elect/Vice President 25 points per year
President/Chairman/President-Elect – National 35 points per year
Council/Board Member (State, National and Divisions) 10 points/year each (not to be claimed by President / Chairman / Vice-Pres)
Presentation of Paper at Quality or Business Conference 15 points per presentation
Presentation at other Conferences/workshops/seminars/ Networking Meetings 5 points per presentation
Publication of Paper in Refereed Journal 20 points if primary author 10 points if secondary author
Publication of Paper in non-refereed Journal 5 points/per publication
Experience in Managing Quality**
Paraprofessional Level Quality Coordinator(Level 2) or Quality Officer’ (Level 3) 5 Points per year **
Professional Level Quality Manager (level 4) or Experienced Team Leader (Level 5) 10 Points per year **
Registered Professional Level Quality Manager (Level 6) or Quality Consultant (Level 7) 15 Points per year **